John Proud Open 31st July 2021


1st K Cowley Washington
P Robinson Castle Eden 47pts
2nd D Foreman Hartlepool
J Cushlow Hartlepool 44pts B9 23pts
3rd L Watson Hartlepool
I Watson Hartlepool 44pts B9 21pts B6 15pts
4th A Worrall Hartlepool
J McKay Hartlepool 44pts B9 21pts B6 14pts
5th C Smart
K Ridley 43pts

Nearest pins
5th M Marshall
7th G Swales Teesside
11th S Bassam Hartlepool
12th J Ainscough Hartlepool

Longest Drive

18th J Byrne Boldon

John Proud Mixed Open 1st August 2021


1st: D & J Sheilds 41pts
2nd: T & J George 40pts
3rd: J & S Herion 39pts BB9
4th: P Waugh & M Crawford 39pts BB9
5th: R Hill & J Richardson 39pts

Senior open

Senior’s Open Results

Thursday 17th February 2022

1st T Conlon & N Fick (Billingham GC) 40 points
2nd R Sharpley & M Fraser (Forest Park) 38 points BB9
3rd M Sharpley & A Wilkinson (Forest Park) 38 points
4th B Bainbridge & M Staines (Wearside) 37 points BB9

Hole in One
G Stubbs Houghton- le -Spring
Hole 7
Using 5 Iron

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