Dress Code

The Dress Rules are designed to uphold the best and highest traditions and standards of the club, but at the same time are intended to reflect the changes in the game .All mobile phones must be switched to mute in the clubhouse and answered in the foyer or outside, mobile phones may be used on the course in the case of an emergency only or for work purposes . Caps or similar headwear must be removed when in the Clubhouse. Any member / visitor not adhering to the above will be prevented from playing the course and will not be permitted to enter the clubhouse.


Gentlemen must wear jackets and ties in the lounge after 9.00 pm.This will be subject to relaxation on occasions or as deemed by the Captains.
At all other times smart casual dress is expected in the CLUBHOUSE.
The wearing of denim jeans, shirts without collars, tracksuits and training shoes are NOT allowed in the Clubhouse or on the course. Shirts must not be worn outside trousers or shorts at any time.

Tailored shorts with white sports socks or knee length stockings are allowed on the and in the Clubhouse (summer hours only). Shorts are not allowed in the Clubhouse after 7.00 pm.

Trousers must not be tucked into socks, apart from when worn under waterproofs.


Permitted: Tailored crop trousers; Tailored ladies shirts may be worn out of shorts or trousers. All other golf shirts must be tucked in.Socks may be colour co-ordinated with shorts and skirts.

All other dress rules must follow the code of the club applying to ladies wear.

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