Rights of way

Rights of Way
Golfers must give way to walkers who are using the public rights of way which run through the golf course.

Rights of way are indicated by the yellow and blue lines on the ordinance survey map (above).

Blue - Permissive right of way
Yellow - Crimdon to Hartlepool Headland Coastal Path

Special consideration should be applied on 1st, 8th,10th,18th tee shots, and your approach shot to the 13th hole. This is where walkers could be placed in harms way if you were to proceed with your shot and they happen to be passing at that time. Always wait or send a spotter if you are unsure.

Walkers must stay on the route for their own safety.

The route is clearly defied on the golf course by sign posts. Golf balls can kill, or cause serious physical damage when struck from a distance.

* Dogs must be kept on leads at all times.
* Please do no loiter on the route as golfers may be waiting for you to pass.

Further information on Crimdon to Hartlepool Headland Coastal Path can be found here.

Hartlepool Golf Club takes no responsibility for members of the public who are struck by golf balls who have left the public rights of way.